NCT’s Haechan Is Killing His Hyungs And Everyone Else With His Special Talent

His hyungs were his first victims!

With eighteen members, NCT has no shortage of talent. The members are always showing off their outstanding skills when it comes to singing, rapping, and dancing, but one member has a particular charm that makes him absolutely deadly to all his hyungs and everyone else!


A couple weeks ago, NCT 127 headed to Weekly Idol. While there the hosts proposed a dance challenge to Haechan.


Earlier in the year, NCT 2018 went on the show and Haechan blew everyone away when he participated in the random dance play.


While it’s normal for an idol to know one or two songs played during the game, Haechan astounded everyone when he kept coming out again and again!


Since he nailed all of the dances before, the hosts wanted to test his skills once more!


With his members cheering him on, Haechan didn’t hesitate to bust out the moves to Taemin‘s “Move”.


And with his every movement it became apparent that Haechan was once again going to charm everyone with his moves.


Within the first song, Haechan had already caused his hyungs to fall under his spell…


And when Red Velvet‘s “Power Up” came on the rest of NCT were even more excited to see what Haechan could do!


He certainly didn’t disappoint! This time even the hosts couldn’t resist his dancing charms!


But EXO‘s “Ko Ko Bop” proved to be the deadliest of all.


Not only were his hyungs totally hypnotized, but the whole crew was also left with their mouths hanging on the floor and NCTzens were left in much the same state!


Haechan’s random play dance charms are absolutely outstanding and have the ability to leave everyone who watches it speechless. Check out the full clip of his moves below!