NCT’s Jungwoo Spotted Running Away From Concert Security

This cute clip has got fans falling for Jungwoo all over again!

In the midst of NCT‘s latest concert, Jungwoo was playing with his fans when the security began running after him!


In the clip, he not only runs away with all his might…


He also shows off his exceptional ballet moves by jumping high up into the air mi-run!


Jungwoo looks like the happiest kid alive as he jumps up while throwing hearts at his fans!


After seeing the clip, netizens have been going crazy over his adorable cuteness.


This is not the first time Jungwoo showed his cute side to his fans.

These hearts that he sends could probably make any girl fall head over heels for him.


In fact, his smile alone could probably make his fans swoon. Who wouldn’t want to surprise Jungwoo with a cake after seeing that expression on his face?


And while it is unclear as to exactly why he was running away from security, what’s for sure is that Jungwoo knows exactly how to run away with NCTzens’ hearts!