NCT’s Mark And Taeyong Become Successful Fanboys Of DPR LIVE In Recent Tweets

Fans loved seeing this wholesome interaction!

In the past, NCT‘s Mark and Taeyong have been vocal fans of DRP LIVE‘s music and have spoken openly about being huge fans.

NCT’s Mark and Taeyong | 1st Look

In a radio interview, Taeyong suggested DPR LIVE’s “Jasmine” as a song for viewers to listen to. When describing the song and why he chose it as a recommendation, he said “It’s such a  good song, and I’m a huge fan, and I wanted to hear it!”

In an episode of It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket that Mark starred in, he sang a part of DPR LIVE’s popular song “Martini Blue”. He expressed his love for the song in the clip and fans loved it!

Fans of both NCT and DPR LIVE relayed these clips to DPR LIVE’s Twitter account, to which DPR LIVE quote retweeted messages for Mark and Taeyong.

Though the messages were short and vague, fans have made both tweets go viral with likes and retweets, even mentioning that other members of NCT, Haechan and Taeil, are fans of his work as well!

NCT fans are manifesting a collaboration and we’re hoping it works!