NCTzens Believe There’s More To The Mona Lisa Than Meets The Eye

NCT might have been giving us spoilers all along!

They say the Mona Lisa’s eyes follow your every movement and that her smile holds many secrets. The enigmatic painting has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts and historians for years and now she’s also caught the attention of NCTzens.


A few months back, Lee Soo Man dropped some very exciting news that NCT China was preparing to debut.

Lee Soo Man Confirms NCT China Is Currently Preparing For Their Debut


After the announcement, some fans were skeptical as debut rumors for that particular unit had been circulating for a while.


But with the help of the Mona Lisa, many fans are now certain that NCT China really is going to be making their debut soon!


Since SM Entertainment first introduced SMRookies Hendery, Yangyang, and Xia Jun, fans have been keeping a particularly close eye on all of the NCT members and these rookies. Which is why they quickly picked up on a common theme, the Mona Lisa.


Fans spotted Yangyang wearing a few different Mona Lisa inspired shirts and while that’s not particularly strange…


Rumored NCT China member Kun was also recently spotted wearing a shirt with the portrait on it.


That’s not all! Lucas is also rumored to be a part of this unit and guess what? He too was spotted with the painting!


Of course, we can’t forget about Ten who not only is rumored to be a member of this group but dressed up as the Mona Lisa for Halloween!


But that’s not the only thing fans found while they were digging. They might have also found out what this unit will be called. A while back Renjun dropped a hint that NCTzens should check out NCT U‘s outro track because there was something special about it. And with all the buzz around the Mona Lisa who is a striking vision, to say the least, fans went back to give it a second look.


The outro track is called “Outro: Vision” and fans started to notice that “NCT Vision” kept popping up in various online communities including Weibo and Twitter.


Combined with what fans already suspected from all the appearances of the Mona Lisa, NCTzens are absolutely sure that this unit is happening!


And think the Mona Lisa reference has one more hint to give! NCTzens believe it’s going to be the name of one of their songs, or at least seriously hope it will be!


Now we just have to wait and see if the mysterious Mona Lisa really did reveal one of her secrets!