NCT Taeil And Jungwoo Reveal What Attracts Them All To Winwin

Winwin has a specific pull that none of them can stay away from.

In the latest episode of NCT‘s Haechan and Taeil‘s Welcome To Sun&Moon, the next group of members to appear had a specific connection: they all couldn’t get enough of Winwin.

Between Taeil and Jungwoo, there turned out to be a common habit that caused the members to be drawn to Winwin.

Out of the many things that Taeil liked about Winwin, there was one that really drew Taeil to him.

The fact that Winwin showed disinterest made Taeil want to love him even more: “But the biggest point to this is he takes no interest in me. He doesn’t show me any care, so he makes me want to earn his attention.

Haechan, Jungwoo, and Winwin couldn’t resist bursting into laughter over Taeil’s accuracy and honesty.

Taeil revealed that it took effort to catch Winwin’s interest and was only natural for someone to try, “I wanted his attention. It was just instinctual.

With a smile, Winwin poked fun at his seriousness. “Taeil, don’t cry.” Taeil wasn’t the only one who felt that way, though.

When it came time for Jungwoo to share the most attractive point of Winwin, he shared a similar response. “The reason he makes other people feel attracted to him is that he doesn’t care about others.

The fact that Winwin did show interest toward others every so often only made it that much more important to get, “He doesn’t show care to just everyone.

It was a part of Winwin no one could resist noticing. “Oh? Who’s this guy? Is that how he’s going to be?

That’s why the “Winwin Lover Group” couldn’t stay away from Winwin. Jungwoo shared how it only made them watch to stay by his side and try their best, “Okay then, I should make him pay me more attention.

It seems like it’s true that someone’s disinterest only makes others more interested. Winwin is proof. Check out Taeil and Jungwoo breaking down what draws them all to Winwin, besides his adorable charms.