NCT’s Taeyong Almost Kissed Taeil, And He Couldn’t Get Away Fast Enough

Taeyong nearly snapped his neck getting away.

NCT always seems to run into the funny problem of accidentally kissing each other, like Jeno and Haechan, and even Renjun with Haechan. Although the common denominator seems to be Haechan, that’s no longer the case.


During NCT 127’s Neo City tour stop in Japan, the Taeyong and Taeil duo ran into the same hilarious situation.

During “Welcome To My Playground”, Taeil minded his own business until Taeyong popped up beside him and placed his face extra close to his, fully ready to play around with him. It completely backfired.

As soon as Taeil turned his head to face him, they could’ve accidentally kissed if Taeyong hadn’t nearly broken his neck trying to get away. Taeyong’s shocked facial expression and how fast he got away even made Taeil crack a smile at how funny it was.

Despite the unexpectedly funny situation, it didn’t stop them from playing around with each other. During “Good Thing”, fans captured Taeil playfully caressing Taeyong’s face, making him burst into laughter.

Taeil and Taeyong just love to have fun together, creating hilarious moments like an almost-kiss. Watch their concert shenanigans here.