NCT’s Taeyong Serves Total Boyfriend Vibes In Recent YouTube Update As He Shows Off His Cooking Skills And Gives A Peek At His Home

“Hanging out with Taeyong must be wild…”

NCT’s Taeyong served major boyfriend vibes in his most recent YouTube update as he showed off his cooking skills while giving fans a peek at his living space and his personal closet.

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

The vlog, which was uploaded to Taeyong’s personal YouTube channel TY TRACK, shows the best of domestic Taeyong, including some grocery shopping and, of course, a fancy home-cooked meal. Taeyong put his love of cooking on full display as he had fun making a steak and salad for him and his manager…

| TY TRACK/YouTube 

But it wasn’t all just fun. Taeyong’s vlog was pretty much a whole guide for making the perfect steak (Taeyong-style)!

He also showed fans how he likes to spend quiet nights in—and that is by building Legos for three hours straight with his friend.

But fans also got to have a look at his personal wardrobe…

…including the special hat his mother knitted for him herself. Taeyong proudly told the story of when he received it, and how he has asked her for the ‘brand logo’ himself!

And while his extensive shoe collection was hard to miss during his dinner vlog…

…Taeyong also gave fans a good look at it, this time with commentary.

| TY TRACK/YouTube

Fans wasted no time in coming up with a nearly complete inventory of Taeyong’s shoes…

…or in noting funny details like the ‘fake grass’ that Taeyong supposedly put on his shoe shelves…

…or the name tag he put on his door. And now that NCTzens have noticed the exercise bar, there will be definitely plenty of content suggestions for Taeyong!

In general though, NCTzens were very much hilariously struck by the what ‘it must be like’ to hang out with Taeyong.

While he exhibited peak cozy boyfriend vibes, judging by his habits and the items in his house it’s safe to say he likes to keep things interesting!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the video in full on the link below.