NCT’s Taeyong Sweeps Up New Fans – 5 Reasons Why You Should Become A Tyongf Too

Join the legion of Tyongfs!

An adorable post on online community, PANN has been gaining clicks with how the OP declares that she’s absolutely fallen for NCT‘s leader Taeyong. After Taeyong’s name has finally been cleared, NCTzens can now heave a sigh of relief and welcome newbies to the fandom.

Post uploaded on PANN about how OP has recently been into Taeyong.

She even added a proof shot of her owned albums to prove that the post was not one by an existing fan to purposely boost Taeyong’s recognition. NCTzens have been welcoming her into the fandom in the comments, in the form of many photos of their beloved Bubu.

Comments on the PANN post.

If you’ve not already joined the ranks of Tyongfs, here’s five reasons to get into the talented singer!

1. His unparalleled dance skills were the result of hard work, rather than natural-born talent

Taeyong’s solo freestyle dance as on NCT’s Official YouTube.


While some may be blessed with the dancing gene since they were born, Taeyong’s skills that have been acknowledged widely, actually are the result of his own blood, sweat and tears. It is a well-known fact amongst fans that his dance teacher in SM Entertainment once said he wasn’t going to make it. This only inspired him to practice even harder. We can safely say that all this has paid off as he is now often placed front and center for dance breaks.

Clip from “Punch” dance practice video as released on their official YouTube.

2. His dedication to composing and producing

Taeyong on Weekly Idol.

On his frequent live streams, he is often heard saying that he needs to go soon as he wants to go to his studio to work on new tunes. Taeyong also often stays up until the wee hours of the day to continue writing. Although his tracks have yet to be released officially, he often lets fans take a listen, be it via live stream or on fan communities.

Here is a compilation released by a fan of all the songs he has teased so far.

3. His kind personality that always looks out for people

During a stop in their American tour for Neo City, as the boys were set to address fans on an outdoor stage, he quickly spotted that a fan was having difficulties in the crowd and needed help. It has been speculated by NCTzens on Twitter that the fan was about to faint. While the other members can be seen worrying as well, Taeyong, the leader that he is, stepped up to get help from a staff member.

4. His positive personality despite it all

Taeyong never fails to uplift himself, a skill he has picked up, perhaps due to the unnecessary hate he has been facing throughout the years. He also makes sure to teach this valuable lesson to both fans and other members, reminding us that we need to tell ourselves that we have done well.

5. His generous spirit

Did you know that the kind boy has been donating consistently to charities, doing volunteer work as well as sponsoring scholarships for children? Chances are that you wouldn’t have known until recent news, given that he has tried to keep this on the down low for fear of negatively affecting the recipients when they get older.

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