NCT’s Jaehyun recently received a love confession, and was shocked to find out it was an old class mate

NCT‘s Jaehyun realized a love letter he was reading out loud on a live radio broadcast was actually about him.

In a broadcast of NCT’s SBS radio show, Night Night!, Jaehyun was chosen to read a love story of one of their audience members in front of a live audience.

The story appeared to be about a middle school junior falling in love with one of her seniors, but as Jaehyun reached the end of the story, he paused in shock upon realizing that the senior in the story was actually him.

Here’s a full translation of the story he read:

Jaehyun: Hello. I’ve just become a high school senior and I’m hoping to share this story with you. Six years ago when I entered middle school, I had to pass by the senior’s class to go to the assembly hall for my first class of P.E. But when I saw this one male senior, I found myself automatically saying, “Wow amazing…” I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought that, as all the friends I was with at the time also fell for that senior.

In our second semester, by some miracle, our class’ P.E. time clashed with that senior’s class’ P.E. time. So my friends and I didn’t do what was required of our P.E. class, and instead, just swooned over that senior playing futsal. He wore khaki-colored padding and had both hands in his pockets, playing futsal.

I thought he was just handsome, but wow, he was so good at futsal too. Anyway, my friends and I would often pretend to go to the assembly hall just so we could see his face again by passing by the senior’s class. Also, when we heard the senior was going to be singing at our school festival, we competed fiercely for the first row seats, all so we could film him directly and cherish it.

One day, I coincidentally walked into the senior while I was walking by the hall, and I fell over. But the senior asked, “Are you ok? You’re ok?” multiple times, and I was so moved I felt like crying inside. I thought he was just handsome…

Johnny: But he’s also kind!

Jaehyun: To the senior who gave me beautiful memories during middle school, I’d like to call you ‘sunbaenim’ confidently, at least once… Wait…


Shindong Middle School’s Jung Jaehyun senior, I really liked you.

Whoa… I’ve got goosebumps… Wow this was real.”

Watch the clip below!