NCT’s Jungwoo And Doyoung Are So Close You Will Think They’re Dating

They go on mini-dates together.

NCT 127 had an interview with a radio station discussing their time in Miami, Florida. But, the interaction between Jungwoo and Doyoung took the spotlight.

Instead of listening to the discussion, it seemed Jungwoo was staring at Doyoung. When caught, he looked away and returned his attention to the interview.

Doyoung couldn’t hide his happiness at catching Jungwoo staring at him.

He was so happy that he smiled for the rest of the interview and would even glance at Jungwoo.

Their friendship is so close that they’ve also went on a “date” to the aquarium together while they were in Miami.

And, there’s no forgetting the kiss Jungwoo sent to Doyoung.

From their actions, it’s obvious that Doyoung and Jungwoo are very close friends. So close that their actions could be mistaken for dating, and that makes it even more adorable.

To see their cute interaction during the interview, watch it here.