NCT’s Lucas Revealed That He Has A Secret Stan Account

Be careful what you post! Lucas just might see it. 👀

Us K-Pop stans often wonder if our favorite idols know what we tweet or post about them online. Sometimes, idols will say or even mention fandom inside jokes that nearly confirm that they have for sure been lurking in stan Twitter. Now, NCT‘s Lucas has confirmed it!

| mrkslee/Tumblr

Lucas had previously mentioned that he searches about himself online. He then revealed during a fanmeeting that he does, in fact, scroll through fans’ social media. A fan asked whether he prefers Instagram, Twitter, or Weibo. He said that he uses all three!

His fan then followed up the question by asking, “Really?! Then will you see the fansites?” He not only exposed us but himself with his response!

Yeah, I see them and sometimes the fans… the comments are really cute, but … I’m using a secret account.

— Lucas

While we always wondered if idols may have secret accounts, we never imagined one would confess to it! We’re definitely not safe. ✋ Let this be a reminder always to be careful what you post because idols do see posts!

Check out the video below:

Considering WayV continually recreates memes, should we really be surprised Lucas has a secret account?

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Source: Image (1) and (2) and @nctwayvudream