NCT’s Mark And Johnny Get Bashful When They Recreate “That” Scene From The “SUPERHUMAN” Music Video

NCTzens are grateful for the extra fan service.

In NCT 127‘s dance practice for “SUPERHUMAN”, Mark and Johnny decided to add their now infamous music video scene to the choreography.

When it came time to do the choreography, Mark couldn’t even look Johnny in the eye.

It doesn’t look like this will be a permanent addition to the choreography since they went back to the original choreography for their June 8 performance on Show Music Core.

Regardless, NCTzens are grateful for the extra fan service.

johnny and mark LMAO they’re laugh hahaha me too

YouTube: Nira Titah Semesta

everything is so cool until 2:40… Cute bomb go off :vvv Mark’s smile is so cute 😘

YouTube: thu trang

everytime time mark and johnny have to do THAT part, mark gets all shy and its soooooo cuttteeee

YouTube: Zaara Syeda

Watch the entire dance practice below: