NCT’s Taeyong Forgot To Introduce Himself And It’s So Relatable

He totally zoned out.

NCT 127 had an interview with Extra and they’d started off by introducing themselves.

Everyone gave their greeting and then it came to Yuta. His greeting was simple with, “Hey guys. I’m Yuta.”

Taeyong was next and he had no idea. Everyone had gone completely silent, waiting for his greeting. But, he just sat there in “Another World”.

Doyoung tapped him and the host declared, “Next.” Then, Taeyong finally gave his greeting, “What’s up LA? I’m Taeyong.”

Everyone has had a moment where their mind wandered somewhere else and that happened to Taeyong during an interview of all places. NCTzens can definitely agree that he’s such a baby.

Watch leader Taeyong zone out at 3:40.