Netizens Claim Eunji Is “Sexualizing Herself Like A Product”

“She’s sexualizing herself like a product.”

Apink recently appeared on the radio program, Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song, and talked about various topics.


During the program, the host, Kim Shin Young, mentioned that Eunji’s “sexy point” was her butt, to which Eunji agreed.


Kim Shin Young, who is close friends with Eunji, added that Eunji’s butt was indeed extremely sexy.

“Eunji often sends me photos and videos when inviting me to work out together. When I see those videos…”ㅡ Kim Shin Young


She added that she thought they were cheekbones at first because they were so full.

“At first, I thought they were cheekbones because they were so high up.” ㅡ Kim Shin Young


Korean netizens, however, were not impressed with Eunji’s “sexy point” and began using the comment as a way to criticize her instead.

  • “If you’re ugly, you have no choice but to appeal your body.”
  • “Is her face a catfish or what? Her mouth is huge and even if she had them fixed, she has a pug nose.”
  • “She’s been trying to appeal her body these days knowing her popularity is decreasing but her face just isn’t…”
  • “I think she’ll gain more popularity if she practices singing more and appeals her skills. I don’t know why she’s trying to appeal with her body. Her face just isn’t pretty enough.”
  • “There’s no use of having a butt if she has nothing else going for her.”
  • “She’s becoming more and more unlikeable.”
  • “Bogus.”


In fact, some accused her of “sexualizing herself like a product”.

  • “She’s sexualizing herself like a product.”
  • “She’s sexualizing herself like a product. Is it hard for her to make a living these days?”
  • “Definitely sexualizing.”
  • “When women need to appeal, they sexualize themselves like this and when they don’t need to appeal, they act all surprised and call it an act of sexual assault. It’s disgusting. I’m not misogynist but since there are so many articles and stories about it, I just really hate women who act like that.”
Source: Nate