Fans Had To Choose Between Their Bias And Money … And It Got Brutal

Would you choose a cool million over your bias?

A post on Instiz recently discussed the question, “If your bias hands you 700,000,000₩ (582,945 USD), and tells you to quit the fandom, would you take it?” While the post does not name or infer any particular fandom, the response was surprisingly unanimous, with many responding affirmative.

Here are some of the comments on the post, translated.

The most hilarious response however, was this one by Anon36, that commented, “It’s a selfish request but can’t you give me 700,000,000₩ per member….? kekekekekekekeke I’m an all-fan(fan that likes every member) so I have a few biases” to which multiple people responded by laughing.

As the Instiz post gained popularity and was translated, international fans started discussing the issue as well. No surprises there either, with most choosing to give up their bias for the practical route as well.

Pannchoa users discuss the question.

Would you ever leave your fandom for money?

Source: Instiz