Netizens Recognize ITZY’s Yuna For Her Unreal Beauty And Proportions

“She was born to be a celebrity.” — Netizen

Lately, this female idol has been gaining attention from Netizens for having both beautiful visuals and body proportions…


…and it’s none other than ITZY’s Yuna!

Specifically, a picture showcasing her “real-life” beauty was widely praised.

The comments continue to flood in for her, and we can see why!

Her face is small and she’s so pretty.

— Netizen

She looks like the female lead in a high-teen drama.

— Netizen

She’s born to be a celebrity. She’s tall, has a small face and good body proportions. She has it all.

— Netizen

What do you think of Yuna’s beauty?

Source: Instiz