Netizens Notice BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Shines No Matter What She Doing

It literally doesn’t matter what she’s doing!

There’s no doubt that BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is stunningly beautiful.


She’s also ridiculously cute!


And at the same time, she can easily throw the switch and become super sexy.


Her ethereal beauty, cuteness, and sexy powers have definitely captured everyone’s hearts.


While there’s no denying she’s deserving of her visual title, some netizens have noticed something really interesting about Jisoo.


Jisoo doesn’t have to do anything special to completely shine!


She can literally just be walking around…


And make us all melt!


Or take a ride up on an escalator and our hearts will follow suit.


Jisoo is just so refreshing that no matter what she’s doing her beauty always seems to shine through!


A simple tilt of her head can make fans weak in the knees.


And her smile could give anyone a heart attack!


A game of hide-and-seek takes on a deadly edge when played with Jisoo. Your heart is definitely going to suffer!


But she can literally just stand there and capture everyone’s attention.


It’s almost as if she’s bewitched us all with her top visuals!


We’re pretty sure she’s doing this to everyone’s hearts!


She’s amazingly beautiful…


And she seems to know it!


With her ability to steal hearts while doing ordinary things, Jisoo truly does shine!