Netizens Are Amazed At The Amount Of Food Park Bo Gum Eats For Just One Meal

Could you eat all that?

Park Bo Gum is known to be rather tiny in built compared to other stars. It certainly helped him pull off the role of Choi Taek in the Reply series. However, netizens are surprised that despite his small stature, he actually can pack away quite a bit!

On tvN‘s Youth Over Flowers in Africa, the cast consisting of Park Bo Gum, Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol and Go Kyung Pyo all had breakfast together at a classy restaurant. As it was a buffet style, the actors went off to gather their plates. What shocked viewers was Park Bo Gum’s breakfast – 4 slices of toast, a heap of bacon, sausages and beans, 6 hash browns and a bowl of cereal to top it off.

| theqoo

It seems like he’s quite the food fighter! Park Bo Gum is known amongst fans to enjoy eating, but the sheer amount of food was shocking to many.

| theqoo
  • “How does one eat all of that???”
  • “At that point in their lives, most guys eat like that and don’t gain weight but once they hit their 30s, their stomach starts pudging.”
  • “He used to be an athlete so maybe his basal metabolism is high hence he eats well.”
  • “To finish even the bread is too much.”
  • “I only can eat the plate right at the top.”
  • “Wow he eats well.”
  • “Even just bread alone, I can’t finish all 5.”

Could you eat all of that? Catch how cute Park Bo Gum Was in Youth Over Flowers below! Meanwhile, he is currently serving the country with compulsory military service.

Source: theqoo