Netizen’s prediction about TWICE and Oh My Girl came true

They DO have a secret connection, netizen’s prediction about TWICE and Oh My Girl came true!

As speculated earlier this year Twice and Oh My Girl have been secretly preparing a special collaboration for Music Bank’s Year End Broadcast.

It has been clear that the two groups have been big fans of each other for a while so the chance for them to come together is an exciting one, not only for the fans but for the groups as well.

No one’s smile was bigger than Nayeon’s as Twice began their “Windy Day” and “Aing” performance. Along with Jihyo, Nayeon was suspected to be one of the main reasons for the collab stage because of her relationships with members of Oh My Girl.

Oh My Girl also performed two of Twice’s songs, “Cheer Up” and “Ooh Ahh”.  The outfits for their stage were similar to Twice’s Cheer Up uniforms. Previously on Girl Spirit, Seunghee performed a cover of Twice’s Cheer Up and stated that she had borrowed her outfit from Nayeon so it’s likely they exchanged again for the performance.

Many groups covered each other’s song such as Sonamoo and Up10tion. Snuper, SF9, IMFACT  and Pentagon all performed 1st generation and 2nd generation kpop songs from G.O.D., Shinhwa, SECHSKIES and H.O.T. in their honor. Cosmic Girls performed a girl group melody and Seventeen did the boy-group melody in contrast to their girl-group melody for Spring of this year. Mamamoo also did a 2016 remix.