Netizens Ridicule G-Dragon’s Skinny Body In Latest Instagram Post

“Do not take your clothes off for a while.”

One of G-Dragon’s Instagram posts received unwelcoming comments about his drastic weight loss.

G-Dragon has always been known for his tendency to look fairly skinny, sometimes even scaring concerned fans when he appears to lose more weight than usual.

Fans Shocked At G-Dragon’s Drastic Weight Loss

His most recent Instagram post, however, not only has him looking thinner than ever, it has sparked a surprising number of negative comments. The recent post featured G-Dragon taking a photo of himself in front of a mirror. The silhouette shot revealed a hint of muscles but an otherwise skinny physique.

Some were not happy with his dramatic transformation, sparking netizens to leave comments on his personal page. The comments ranged from encouragin words to negative opions like, “I am a girl and even I can see it…” and “Where are the muscles? Do not take your clothes off for a while.” 

Although he was never been the type to easily gain weight, fans are worried as it looked as if he’s the skinniest he’s ever been.

With his schedules easing up in a bit, many hope he focuses more on his health soon.

Source: Osen