Netizens Terrified After Rookie Girl Group Member’s Epic Wardrobe Malfunction

She revealed everything.

Bambino Hadam’s wardrobe malfunction while dancing to Redfoo’s “New Thang” has Korean netizens all up in buzz.

Hadam wore tiny shorts with no safety pants, which was a problematic combination for the idol’s performance.

Mid-performance, Hadam grinded on stage while facing the audience.

And viewers were able to see that she wasn’t wearing any safety pants with her incredibly short shorts.

Netizens were shocked by her bold outfit and criticized her performance.

[+49, -1] More than not wearing panties, I find her horny expressions even more disgusting;

[+ 39, -0] There’s a reason you should wear panties…

[+36, -0] Wow we can see everything

This wasn’t Hadam’s first controversial outfit. Bambino had performed many sexy dance numbers at high schools and universities pre-debut.

And each time, she was criticized for her sexy outfits without regards for safety undergarments.

After an array of some of the sexiest performances in K-Pop history, Hadam officially left the group in 2017.

Watch Hadam’s full controversial performance below: