Netizens spot a mysterious face lurking in G-Friend’s teaser photos

Netizens find the most bizarre things and recently, a certain image from one of G-Friend’s teaser images came to light! 

On July 4th, a netizen pointed out an interesting behind G-Friend’s latest teaser images after oddly finding a dog in one of its windows. As Eumji, SinB and Eunha posed cutely for their own set of comeback teasers, fans noticed that an image resembling a dog in one of its windows.

Netizens immediately reacted to the sudden eeriness of the photo as they argue the identity and entertain other theories behind the image. Others were quick to agree that it was indeed a dog leading to quite a debate online.

Meanwhile, G-Friend will be returning with the track “Navillera” for their comeback this summer.

Check out the teaser below!
Image: Pann

Source: Pann