Netizens Think Jung Chaeyeon’s Mom Might Be Even More Beautiful Than She Is

The CF goddess has some competition… in the form of her mother!

DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon has been blessed with amazing visuals, and now fans know the superior DNA came from her mother!


The CF queen is so beautiful that she was the face of Jayjun masks for 2017, showing off her clear skin and flawless features.


Although she is effortlessly gorgeous…


Since she posted some selfies with her mom, netizens are debating whether her mother is actually prettier!

  • “Her mother is like a beautiful sister.”
  • “Her mom is even prettier.”
  • “Her mom is unbelievably pretty. She looks a bit like actress Kim Hye Seon.”
  • “Jung Chaeyeon must be jealous of her mother’s adult look, but she doesn’t look that different, they’re both pretty.”
  • “Your mom looks prettier because your eyes are twisted.”
  • “Her mom is prettier!”


Her mom also has flawless skin and pretty, petite features and fans can definitely see where the superior genes come from.

  • “Your mother is beautiful.”
  • “You and your mom look so alike… both so pretty.”
  • “You’re both beauties.”
  • “Who’s the mom? She looks the same as you.”
  • “Your mom so pretty like you.”
  • “The genetic power…”


But no matter what, Jung Chaeyeon will always be the effortless beauty!

Source: TV Report