Netizens Claim WINNER’s Mino Didn’t Actually Perform at a Club

It’s true Mino performed, but according to netizens, it wasn’t at a club.

WINNER‘s Mino recently came under fire for reportedly performing at a club in Yangyang Country of Gangwon Province.

But in various online communities, netizens are claiming that Mino was not actually at a club, drawing additional attention to the incident.

An exclusive report from Dispatch reported that Mino held a small concert in a club located in Yangyang County.

And this drew overwhelming criticism for violating social distancing measures that have been implemented to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

But some are raising the argument that the reports claiming Mino performed a club are false.

Through online portals, the netizens found that the location is actually a guesthouse.


The first four floors house the guests while the 5th floor is a small club.

As such, netizens are expressing that Mino simply held a mini-concert in an attached facility for the visitors of the guesthouse.

Although it was true that he violated social distancing measures, some are questioning if the reports were exaggerated, making the criticism worse than they could have been.

Regarding the controversy, YG Entertainment stated,

He went on a vacation with a friend. He will be sure to follow the regulations of health and take preventative measures.

– YG Entertainment

Source: Insight