Oh My Girl Binnie’s Health Is Worsening and Fans Are Very Worried

Oh My Girl Binnie’s health has become a big worry among their fans.

A fancam of Oh My Girl performing their hits at an event went viral as fans noticed something about Binnie’s health.


During a break between songs, Binnie was spotted asking a backstage crew for painkillers for her headaches.


Fans particularly pointed out that Binnie seemed weaker than usual.


Fans became heavily concerns as she couldn’t finish a performance without taking a painkiller.


She was also spotted at another event since the incident with a bandage in her left elbow.

Fans speculated that she had visited a hospital for IV fluid injections to gain enough strength for their performance.

Fans are worried about her frail figure, saying that she looks almost unhealthy.

Oh My Girl Jine’s recent departure was also due to long absence triggered by health-related issues.

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Fans are extremely concerned about her health situation and hope that she’ll be able to take a break and recover her health.

“If she’s in that much pain, she needs to quit.”

“Who will be responsible for when this young girl suffers something worse from being overworked?”

“Her health is already at an alarming stage and yet she has to handle an intense schedule on top of that… it’s up to her agency to handle this in the end.”

Source: Pann

Whatever the illness is, fans only wish for Binnie’s health and happiness!

Source: Choongang