You Should NEVER Say This Offensive Phrase To A Korean Woman

You’d be mad too if someone implied you were an evil spirit.

Lifestyle vlogger Rachel Kim took to her eponymously named YouTube channel to share the super offensive thing people should absolutely not say to Korean women.

And that thing is… You should not say “wagging tail” to a Korean woman!


As you may have guessed, ‘wagging tail’ means flirting. But this is probably why she’s so upset, because the expression ‘wagging tail’ has a derogatory sense to it.


Rachel explains that the term “wagging tail” implies that you’re flirting with someone you shouldn’t and it’s done in an inappropriate way. The phrase originated from the Korean folklore of the gumiho, a nine-tailed fox, who flirts with men in order to seduce and marry them. After the gumiho spends 100 days with a human man, she becomes a real human.

Because the gumiho didn’t have pure intentions when flirting but instead thought about what she could get out of the situation, the implication with the phrase “wagging tail” suggests that you didn’t have a pure motive for flirting, but instead sought something from the situation or were trying to steal the person from their partner!

Did you know about this phrase or did you learn something new today?