The NHK Wants You To Guess These TWICE Dances

Can you do it?

The NHK posted created a Twitter game called “TWICE Dance Guess” and shared videos of the girls from TWICE dancing with no backing track. They asked fans if they could guess which song the dance move came from. Do you know which songs the girls are performing, even without music playing?

The first dance was performed by Sana, which they rated a one-star difficulty for guessing.

The answer is… Sana was performing “Likey”!

Next up was Dahyun doing a two-star difficulty dance. They hinted that her last pose may help fans figure out what dance she was performing.

Of course, fans knew that Dahyun was performing “Fancy”!

Sticking with a two-star difficulty rating, the next video they posted was of Chaeyoung.

ONCEs immediately identified the dance as belonging to the song “Dance The Night Away” with no trouble at all.

Nayeon’s dance is the hardest to guess so far, with a three-star rating.

If you knew it, you should give yourself a pat on the back! It’s from their song “I Want You Back”.

Were you able to guess all of the dances? If yes, you must be a super ONCE!