NMIXX Reads Netizen Comments In Their Free Time, Here’s What They Noticed

“All members look at them occasionally.”

As celebrities, NMIXX is no stranger to netizen comments. Many K-Pop fans had a lot to say about them when they made their debut with the title track “O.O.” They also garnered heavy interest for being JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group.

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

When they guested on KBS‘s “IDOL’S Snack Spree,” they were asked if they search for comments or remarks made about them. The NMIXX members who audibly admitted that they do look for them were Haewon, Jinni, Sullyoon, Jiwoo, and Kyujin.

But according to Jinni, they all do it! “All members look at them occasionally,” she revealed with a smile.

Hearing that, the MC asked them to name a comment that made them feel good.

Haewon noticed that many people compliment their live vocals, which are seriously impressive for rookies! Netizens have taken to calling them “monster rookies” because of their incredible skills and talents.

They have said that our live singing skills are great for rookies.

— Haewon

And true to the comment, NMIXX has been making a name for themselves for their insane live singing. They manage to belt out strong vocals even while executing a difficult choreography.

They’re undoubtedly a group to watch out for!

In the same episode, the girls dished on the training method that they use to sing live while dancing. Learn more about it here:

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