No one expected THIS reaction when AOA Jimin got a birthday surprise

AOA‘s Jimin became emotional at a fan signing event when fans surprised her with a birthday celebration.

On January 8th,  AOA held a fan signing event at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul.  As she turned 27 years old that day, fans have presented Jimin with a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday. She was visibly touched and started crying profusely. She thanked fans for their supportive love and thoughtful gesture.

When asked why she erupted into tears, Jimin said, “When I was a child, my dream was to have a birthday party at McDonald’s. I could not have that party because of the vacation. Today, there are so many of you.” Many fans were present on her birthday that day and she was very thankful for that. Her fans couldn’t help but laugh and smile at her adorable wailing!

On a side note, AOA has just released their first full-length album Angel’s Knock.  Currently promoting their single tracks “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing.”

Check out the two music videos below. 

Source: Dispatch