North West Shares Her BT21 Cosmetics Collection And May Have Revealed Her BTS Bias

Is North West secretly a certified ARMY?

North West, the daughter of American television personality Kim Kardashian and musical artist Kanye West, recently posted a TikTok showing her impressive cosmetics collection, and ARMYs spotted a few familiar products.

Kim Kardashian (left) with her daughter, North West (right) | @kimkardashian/Instagram

North West frequently uses TikTok as a creative outlet and shares an account with her famous mom, who monitors the page.

Although she shared the account with Kim, North is the primary creator, often making videos showing fans a glimpse of her Hollywood lifestyle while reminding them she’s still a kid with her carefree content.


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On November 12, North invited followers to organize her makeup drawer with her and proceeded to show an impressive collection of top cosmetics brands.

The collection, of course, includes products and brushes from her famous aunt Kylie Jenner‘s brand Kylie Cosmetics, and items from The Crème Shop x BT21 cosmetic collection. Based on what was in the video, North may have revealed her BTS, or at least her BT21 bias.

| The Crème Shop

BT21 are seven animated characters that each correspond with a member of BTS. BTS created the characters in collaboration with LINE Friends for their creator initiative in 2017.

Five years later, the character can be seen on merch, cosmetics, and even in their own online animated series, BT21 Original Story.

BT21 characters | @bt21_official/Instagram

North’s personal makeup collection impressively included the complete $70 USD BT21 BABY: Macaron Lip Balm Complete Collection.

The BT21 macaron lip balm collection | @kimandnorth/TikTok

ARMYs quickly noticed she seemed to favor one character… BTS J-Hope‘s Mang!

BTS’s J-Hope with a Mang plushie | Pinterest

North specifically showcased her Mang lip balm and fans also caught Mang makeup removing wipes and a Mang face mask in North’s makeup drawer.

Another ARMY hilariously realized North had even more BT21 products than they did.

North West isn’t the only celebrity who may have revealed their BTS bias through BT21 cosmetics.

Check out former U-KISS member and KPOP on Broadway star Kevin Woo‘s bias below!

Broadway Star And Former U-KISS Member Kevin Woo Might Have Just Revealed His BTS Bias

Source: TikTok

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