Not Even Flashy Jewelry Can Overshadow Red Velvet Irene’s Visuals

She’s flawless.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is so gorgeous, not even big, and sparkly jewelry can overshadow her outstanding visuals.

Red Velvet’s stylist seems to love putting Irene in bedazzled jewelry, and the idol has sported outlandish accessories for the past few comebacks. Still, many agree that people barely notice it thanks to Irene’s face.

For their latest comeback, “Psycho,” Irene has worn the most jewelry in this era for their music video and performances in comparison to the past other comebacks.

While many say that the sparkle and glitz could easily overshadow anyone, Irene can outshine the accessories, with people barely even noticing the necklaces and the earrings. Many agree that the jewelry only enhances Irene’s royal look instead of making her visuals pale in comparison.


Only someone as gorgeous as Irene can pull off such avantgarde trinkets, and people love how regal and elegant she looks with the bling. Irene is known as everyone’s original visual (she even says so herself in “Psycho!”), and the fact that she shines proves it.


Of course, Irene, with minimal jewelry, looks equally as expensive and beautiful. At the end of the day, Irene looks gorgeous no matter what she wears!


Source: Pann

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