NU’EST’s Baekho Admits He Had “His Angel Wings Removed” And Fans Knew It

We knew it, we really did!!!

NU’EST‘s Baekho, in celebration of his birthday, held a small event where he interacted with fans and answered questions for them up close and personally. It was at this event that he revealed he was, in fact, an angel – until he had his wing-removal surgery!


Fans can be heard chanting “Your review! Your review!” At first, Baekho seems oblivious to what the fans are asking – and fans are already UWU-ing hard at how confused Baekho looks.


Then he finally started to understand what the fans are saying, and he tried to verify by asking back, “Did I get my wings removed? Is that what you’re saying?”


Baekho’s fans already knew for a fact that he had them removed. So they kept pushing for his review – on how it felt to get them removed, how he feels without them now. Baekho finally wrapped his head around where the whole conversation was going…


… and answered, “It feels kind of weird to not have them anymore!” And the fans slapped their knees and said they absolutely knew it! Baekho is an angel on Earth!


Baekho then cheekily checked back with his fans, “Is that how I was supposed to answer that question?” And the answer is yes! Yes, that is exactly how Baekho was supposed to answer that question.


Watch the full clip below: