Here Is How NU’EST’s Baekho Completely Shattered REN’s Heart

Sorry, REN.

When NU’EST‘s Baekho had his fellow members guess what he’s really into these days, REN was eager to guess it right. After begging Baekho for more clues, REN eventually began to think that Baekho is really into him; but Baekho’s actual answer ended up shattering his heart!


The mission was to guess what Baekho’s newfound obsession is. The other members weren’t sure where to start guessing, so REN asked Baekho for a clue. Baekho was all smiles when REN asked – and this only set up for REN’s massive heartbreak at the end.


When Baekho told the members that the answer is one syllable, JR and Aron seemed to guess easily. REN continued to remain bamboozled… until Baekho additionally hinted that the answer could make REN’s heart flutter. REN jumped out of his seat and claimed that he knew the answer!

Of course! This must be the answer. I’m so very fluttered already!



As soon as the members were asked to reveal their guesses, to which JR and Aron both guessed “You” as in the fans, REN had everyone cracking up with his answer.


REN had written “REN” on his whiteboard, guessing that Baekho was really into him these days!

Wait, it’s not me? Why is it not me? I really thought the answer would be me. You said one syllable!



REN was completely heartbroken that the answer had nothing to do with him. He complained that Baekho used to love him but not anymore. Baekho, Aron, and JR all laughed at REN’s extra dramatic reaction to the truth: Baekho might love his fans a tad bit more than he loves REN!

But you always talk about how much you love me! Why have you changed?



Fans can’t help but fall in love with how disappointed and butt hurt REN looked after the correct answer has been revealed!

Watch the full clip below: