NU’EST Fans And Security Are Receiving Praise For Their Unusual Behavior

Security guards can be rough with fans, but NU’EST W’s guards are different.

The unique relationship between L.O.V.Es (NU’EST’s fans) and the guards during NU’EST’s recent concert in Seoul has been gaining attention.


Fans were packed into the standing section, and struggled throughout the concert.

That’s when the guards started to pass out water to the fans, and even began to lift them out of the crowd.


Their kindness continued even after the concert, as fans waited outside the venue to see the NU’EST W members leaving. That’s when the guard put up his handphone with a message saying “[they’re] not coming out yet.”


His silent communication was to let the fans who were holding their cameras and cell phones know that they could rest for a moment without worrying about missing a photo op.


There is a reason why the security guards treat L.O.V.E. so well.

The fandom is famous for working with the guards to stay in order whenever NU’EST passes by.


They’ve even been spotted handing out NU’EST merch to the fans!

“Guys, just now the guard passed out NU’EST slogans.” — @HMH_nuest031512


Looks like “caring” for the same people has brought them together. What an adorable relationship!

Source: Dispatch