NU’EST’s JR Being Out Of Control With This Coffee Cup Is The Funniest Thing

He can’t seem to hang on to it…!

During a recent live broadcast, NU’EST‘s JR showed up with a beverage cup which later turned into his worst nightmare. NU’EST’s fans are LOL-ing hard at how JR had zero control over the cup, over himself, and over the situation!


JR took a sip of the iced chocolate drink and set the cup on a small table in front of him – only to knock the cup off seconds later. By the time he realized what he had done, it was already too late. The drink was 70% gone to waste!


JR began cleaning up the mess that he made, with the help of Minhyun. Once he got done drying the floor, JR also took the time to wipe off the cup. He was trying to salvage the little that remained in the cup…


… but the table wasn’t going to let him finish the drink, period. The cup went slip-and-sliding off again!


NU’EST fans are cracking up at how much of a mess JR is. On the other hand, the members remained relatively calm throughout the whole thing because they are used to JR spilling everything all over the place all the time!

This is normal. It has always been like this. JR needs to spill something at least once a day, everyday… And he will always spill all of it, not a bit of it.



To support JR, the King of Spilling All Things Liquid, NU’EST fans are calling this the “new way of drinking beverages”. Having an iced coffee? Take one sip, spill, save, then spill again!