NU’EST’s JR Gave Baekho The Most Extravagant Birthday Cake Ever

It’s called the “Rich Man Baekho Cake”.

It was NU’EST Baekho‘s birthday on July 21, 2019 and his fellow NU’EST members put together a surprise party for the beloved birthday boy.


A YouTube video, capturing the precious moments behind the party, was shared on NU’EST’s official YouTube channel – and L.O.V.Es are dropping all their UWUs at how much the members love Baekho!


The video captured JR, Ren, Aron, and Minhyun keeping busy at decorating the room and the birthday card for Baekho. They hand-crafted the invitation, birthday garlands, a balloon path, and even a dinner table full of Korean food.


Once the surprise party started to look presentable, JR was sent on a mission to bring back a birthday cake for Baekho. JR almost ran into Baekho in the hallway, but he was speedy and sneaky at successfully bringing back the cake!


Soon, the members were ready to blow Baekho’s mind. Clueless Baekho was found waiting for his food delivery to arrive, after wrapping up his live broadcast with the fans also celebrating his birthday. With the help of Minhyun and Aron, Baekho was led to the party room – with his eyes shut tight like he was told to keep them.


The members sang happy birthday for Baekho and had him blow out the candle on the beautiful golden cake that JR had gotten ready!


JR, after proudly pointing out that the cake came with gold flakes as a topping, immediately named the cake “Rich Man Baekho’s Cake”. JR commented, “I hope you take this gold-topped cake and make a lot of money!” Baekho chuckled, but it was clear that he was completely touched by the members’ thoughtful party.


Baekho feasted on the food that the members had prepared for him. After stuffing his face with the traditional birthday menus like seaweed soup and japchae noodles, Baekho thanked everyone for the glorious celebration!

I’ve been congratulated so many times for my birthday already, I really don’t know what to say anymore. But I really appreciate what the members have done and what my fans have done… I’m speechless. I’m so happy. Thank you so much.

— Baekho


Watch the full clip below: