NU’EST’s JR Shares Sentimental Message That He’s Now In A Better Place In His Life

He revealed this in a recent interview.

NU’EST‘s JR sat down for an interview with Harper’s Bazaar where he talked about new beginnings. He revealed that he used to be in a darker place in his life.

There was a period of time when I thought I wasn’t able to show anything, and I felt as if I hadn’t worked hard enough.

Now, however, he is able to reflect on his past with a lighter heart.

However, when I look back now, I think that time wasn’t useless because it became the foundation so that I don’t waver now.

JR says he looks forward to his future, confident he can show a better side of himself to the public.

No matter what difficulties come in the future, I trust myself to endure, overcome, and resolve them a little better. Using that as strength, I think the time has come to show a new side of me.

Fans responded to his earnest interview with endless support.

NU’EST’s JR, thank you for always trying until now.

JR is so cool~~ I will always support you~ You’re the best, Kim Jonghyun.

JR is good at interviews and is a visual genius. I like his hard work and I will always support him.

I have no other choice but to support NU’EST’s JR!

– Korean Netizens

Source: Naver