NU’EST JR’s B-Boying Skills Were So Amazing There Was A Nationwide Search To Identify Him

Everyone wanted to know who the mysterious performer was!

Before NU’EST made their debut in March 2012, there was already one member taking over the nation even though nobody knew who he was! In February, Hongik University held a special musical performance dedicated to b-boying. Since JR liked b-boying and musical dance performances an acquaintance invited him to the event.


But something surprising and completely unexpected happened while there. During one portion of the show, JR was dragged onstage and ended up showing off his own amazing skills!


Pictures from the event soon went viral and netizens were desperately trying to find out who the mysterious dancer was. They assumed he had to be an ulzzang but nobody could find any information about him at all!


Eventually, netizens figured out that the mysterious dancer was really a new idol and the group received a lot of positive attention. Meanwhile, JR received many compliments from dance critics and the general population for his amazing dance and b-boying skills.


Although this was huge news in South Korea at the time, there are still some fans that don’t know JR was the subject of a nationwide hunt all because of his incredible moves!