NU’EST Made A Birthday Cake For Aron But Fans Name It Gift From Hell

Happy birthday, Aron!

NU’EST members celebrated Aron‘s birthday by preparing a special birthday cake. The decorations, however, went a bit out of control and now fans are calling the cake “straight out of hell”.


On NU’EST’s YouTube channel, a video titled “HAPPY Aron’s DAY” was uploaded – and in this video, members were spotted taking turns to decorate a birthday cake for Aron’s 27th birthday. First, Minhyun tried to write “Happy Aron’s Day, We Love You” on the cake with a chocolate drizzle. His handwriting wasn’t too cooperating though…


Then, Ren decided to draw a picture of Aron’s face on the cake. Using the same chocolate drizzle, Ren added in the eyes, nose, and lips. They also decorated the cake using snacks like crackers and jellies. Minhyun and Ren both began cracking up at how the cake was turning out to be.


Once the artwork was complete, JR stepped in to put on the candles. He actually ended up breaking the “Y” candle from the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” candle set, so he improvised and used a fork to make up for the missing letter. By this time, the cake had become a masterpiece of a chocolate drizzled message, a chocolate drizzled face, a fortress of crackers and jellies, and a fork.


Last, but not least, Baekho took over to add the finishing touches. He mainly stuck to sneaking the decoration ingredients in his mouth, but most definitely contributed to making the cake somewhat presentable by adding more chocolate drizzles.


The members surprised Aron by singing the birthday song for him and bringing in the most special cake in the world – which almost set on fire because of JR’s fork “Y”. Nevertheless, Aron loved the cake and thanked his fellow NU’EST members for creating an unforgettable memory for his 27th birthday!


Watch the full clip below:

Source: Nate Pann