This Idol Created a Children’s Book as a Special Gift for His Fans

The story from the book will bring you to tears!

Once upon a time, there was an idol who wanted to do something very special for his loyal and adoring fans, so he created his very own children’s story book about the love between his group and their fans!


That idol was none other than NU’EST‘s Ren!


Ren prepared the gift for a long time and finally surprised his fans with it during his recent fan meeting!


The story was about a Ming-rabbit who had a great heart. Ming-rabbit was based off of himself. It was a combination of his birth name “Minki” and his nickname as a bunny.

“Ming-rabbit, who lives in the forest, had a great heart. Many animals were envious of Ming-rabbit’s great heart.”

— Ren’s Story


It appeared Ming-rabbit somehow lost his great heart! But pink-colored fireflies gathered together to mend it back again!

“Then the pink-colored fireflies said, ‘Little rabbit, we’ll make you a new heart again. Don’t cry!’ The pink-colored fireflies flew here and there to begin building his heart again.”

— Ren’s Story


The story concluded with Ming-rabbit regaining his confidence back and performed once again! He performed in front of his pink-colored firefly friends, who represent NU’EST’s fans who wave the pink lightsticks brightly in the dark.

“It was finally the day of Ming-rabbit’s concert. Turtle, Tiger, Welsh Corgi, and Desert Fox also sang and danced together. The pink-colored fireflies gathered around and cheered in a great, loud voice. Ming-rabbit and his friends looked on towards the pink-colored fireflies with gratitude and sang harder than ever before. It was such a happy time.”

— Ren’s Story


The story meant a lot to the fans as Ren was the rabbit, Baekho was the tiger, JR was the turtle, Aron was the corgi, and Minhyun was the desert fox!


Ren added a heartfelt letter to the fans with his beautiful book, explaining how he got the idea to make a children’s book.

“L.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ (L.O.V.Es)! It’s NU’EST’s Ren!!

I’m a little embarrassed but this is a children’s book I made with our fans in mind. Do you like it?? I hope you like itㅜ. I thought about it again and again for a long time. We always receive, so I wanted to return the love back to you. I felt that I was always limited in how to express our thoughts and feelings, so I wanted to show you in a brand new way. It’s not a great story but I edited this multiple times to get it perfectly for you guys. So I hope you really really love it!! I hope the fans who’ve loved and will always love NU’EST will be full of happiess.

We’ll also do our very best to express our love as much as we can. Thank you, and I love youㅎ.

FROM Mingi, who wants to tell you ‘Thank you for smiling. Have strength. I really, really love you.'”

— Ren


What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than reading a book from your favorite idol?!

Source: Nate Pann