NU’EST Ren’s Fans Have The Most Extravagant Nickname For Him And Here’s What He Thinks About It

“It’s a combination of all things good.”

On an interview with Star Road, NU’EST‘s Ren discussed his new nickname – given so endearingly by his fans – including what it means and how he feels about it.


The interview asked what his favorite nickname is, of all the nicknames that had been given to him so far, and Ren took a second to think about the list of things he has been called before…


… then soon decided he liked “아천요왕 (Ah-Cheon-Yo-Wang)” – roughly translated to “B.A.F.P” – the best.


Ren explained that it was a nickname that was given to him by his fans, short for “아기 천사 요정 왕자”, or “Baby Angel Fairy Prince”.

L.O.V.Es have recently begun calling me by this. And it means ‘baby, angel, fairy, and prince’. It’s a combination of all things good.

— Ren


He added that such a grandiose nickname actually reminds him that he is special. Ren said, “Whenever I hear my fans call me that, it reminds me that I’m someone special. And it makes me so completely happy.”


NU’EST fans are thrilled to hear that Ren is wholeheartedly embracing the title. They look forward to seeing more baby angelic and fairy prince-y Ren on stage!

Here’s the full clip of Baby Angel Fairy Prince Ren talking about his fitting nickname: