NU’EST’s Ren Must Identify With Thor Because Look At Him Go With That Squeaky Hammer

He just loses it when he gets his hands on a hammer.

NU’EST‘s Ren is better known to be the apple, the fairy, the bunny – the softest member of the group.


But when he gets his hands on the squeaky hammer toy, he turns into someone completely different – and fans are starting to realize underneath that UWU, Ren is actually Thor. On steroids.


On a recent episode of NU’EST’s YouTube series L.O.V.E STORY, Ren and the other NU’EST members were spotted playing outdoor games on their “field trip”. One of the games they played, called the “Butt Hitting Game” which is quite a self-explanatory title, had the members use squeaky toy hammers to smash the opponent’s butt first. And Ren went 200% Thor on everyone!


When Ren got his hands on a squeaky hammer, going up against JR for Round 1, he evolved into “Angry Apple” and started going rogue. Throughout the rounds, he released his inner Thor and began flying around, madly swinging his lethal weapon…


… and both the members and the viewers couldn’t stop cracking up over this strange effect that the hammer toy has on Ren.


This isn’t the first time Ren went wild with a squeaky toy hammer. Last time he was given a squeaky toy hammer, this happened:


And this:


So it’s becoming quite evident. Ren’s inner superhero is most definitely Thor – and he will not hesitate to connect with that spirit when he gets his hands on a hammer.

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO