NU’EST W Fans Received A Special Surprise, And Netizens Are Jealous

Everyone is loving what the group did for their fans!

It’s not every day that fans get a special surprise from their favorite group, but NU’EST W fans in Thailand just received one of the greatest gifts ever and it was all thanks to their great teamwork with the guards.


After finishing up their concert in Bangkok, NU’EST W headed to the airport to catch a flight. While it’s not uncommon for fans to want to get up close and personal with their idols, L.O.V.Es decided to give their favorite group as much space as possible.


When the group arrived at the airport they were greeted by their fans who sat patiently behind the barriers to allow the group to pass through without a problem.


Lucky fans who got to see the boys at the airport also got a special surprise because of it, a mini fanmeeting!


The boys decided to stop and greet their fans…


And pose for a few photos too!


The moment was incredibly sweet but it turns out that this isn’t the first time this has happened.


The fandom is actually famous for working with the guards to stay in order whenever NU’EST passes by and have been praised on numerous occasions because of it.


And this case was no different. One fan who was there revealed that the staff told them to stay calm and that the group would walk slowly and greet them all.


As promised, that’s exactly what happened!


Netizens have been praising the fandom for all their consideration towards their idols.


And although everyone is a little jealous over the moment, they can’t help but love the sweet interactions between NU’EST W and their fans!

Source: @mme_mook