NU’EST’s JR Astonished Everyone When He Said He Exposed His Whole Body At A Concert

His idea of “whole body” is very different from everyone else’s. 😂

NU’EST‘s Aron reported that groupmate JR boldly exposed his body at a concert.

Recently, on Mnet‘s TMI NEWS, Jun Hyun-moo asked Aron and JR, “Have you tried exposure performance?” to which Aron replied, “JR was exposed at a concert the other day.”

Hyun-moo expressed interest, asking “How far?” JR surprised everyone when he replied “everything” but Aron clarified that it was just the upper body, not everything.

Hyun-moo was impressed when he saw this and JR said, “When I take it off, it’s a little bit wrong,” which made everyone laugh.

Source: kstyle