Office Worker Boyfriend VS. College Boyfriend? Take Your Pick With 2PM’s Junho

Which Junho do you like more?

2PM‘s Junho is the hottest star of the year currently, amongst male celebrities. Not only did he top the Brand Ranking Index for Male Celebrities in the month of December to January, he has been shooting up to his second peak since his 2PM days. And why wouldn’t he? The man can pull off both a sexy and mature look as well as a more youthful, college student style. So, take your pick with this article. Which sort of Junho do you prefer?

1. Office Worker

Ah, the office worker romance. Crisp white shirt, black tie, and a snazzy car to come pick you up.

He can pick us up anytime with those smexy eyes!

Fancy a sweeter side to the office worker boyfriend look? Here’s him with the most adorable smile.

Black too common for you? Here’s a navy set.

On weekends, he can dress down a little bit with a pair of slacks and simple button down.

This one is our favorite.

The black coat and turtleneck. So Goblin-esque, so perfect!

2. College student boyfriend

Throwback to the simpler days when you were happy just going out with your fellow collegiate.

A white loose-fit tee…

…a fleece in winter….

…waiting on the steps of the library…

…waiting to get into a restaurant…

…the possibilities are endless! He rocks a hoodie like no other.

Now, if only we could find a boy as perfect as Lee Junho!

Source: theqoo