Oh My Girl Danced to “Coloring Book” at a Blistering 16x Speed

Oh My Girl attempted a 16x faster cover of “Coloring Book”, and they absolutely killed it… For about three seconds, anyway.

While most groups who appear on MBC‘s music variety show, Weekly Idol, attempt a sped up dance cover of one of their songs, Oh My Girl was the first group to try dancing along to a shocking 16 times faster version of their song “Coloring Book”!

The girls started off their dance with the song at normal speed, and slowly sped up until the song was 16 times faster than normal. While they started off strong, they didn’t last very long once things got fast!

The hilarious video shows the girls bumping into each other and messing up their moves as the song continues to get quicker. By the end, they could barely stand! It’s no wonder that no other group has attempted this before.

Watch the full video of Oh My Girl’s dance challenge below: