Oh My Girl Look Too Beautiful Amidst Falling Cherry Blossoms

Oh My Girl were stuck in a shower of cherry blossoms and their beautiful visuals were accentuated even more!

As the Oh My Girl members walked toward their mini-fan-meeting, they were met with a shower of cherry blossom petals!


The fans were in for a special treat as the petals dropped in the utmost perfect timing!


The girls took advantage of the time to appreciate one of the most beautiful moments of Spring.


They were amazed by its beauty just as much as the fans were amazed by the members’ beauty!


Seunghee was even able to share a special moment with fans as one touched lightly upon her lips.


And YooA danced among the petals like a joyous child!


She caught them in her hands like a true Cherry Blossom Princess!


And it was hard to decipher what were cherry blossoms and what were the Oh My Girl members!


Both of their beauty was completely mesmerizing!


Talk about breath-taking visuals!


Two natural beauties complementing each other perfectly!


It was truly a moment to remember between Oh My Girl and their fans!