Oh My Girl’s Mimi Reveals Why Seunghee Calls Her “Wakanda Forever”

The story behind it is hilarious!

Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee‘s hilarious wit strikes again, and Mimi recently revealed the reason behind why she calls her “Wakanda Forever”!

Hyojung and Binnie recently became hosts of their very own show, Hyojung and Binnie’s Sweet Home, and for their first episode, invited Seunghee and Mimi to be their guests!

As they filmed an episode of full of fun and chaos, they began talking about nicknames, and Mimi revealed that she was named “Wakanda Forever” by Seunghee! She then shared a TMI fact about herself, and revealed that she got the nickname because of the way she sleeps! Almost identical to the infamous “Wakanda Forever” pose, from the hit movie Black Panther

“Wakanda Forever” symbol from Black Panther

…Mimi revealed that she sleeps with her arms crossed over her face, and it looks so similar to the pose that even she had to agree to the nickname!

I sleep like this, ‘Wakanda Forever’!


Binnie then immediately shared proof of this, and they imitated how she sleeps at night!

Mimi then hilarious complained of arm pain the next morning due to her sleeping habits!

In the morning, my arm hurts because of this! Where did my senses go? They get numb, so I can’t feel anything around my arms!


You can watch them talk about it here!