OH MY GIRL’s YooA Looks Exactly Like A Ball-Jointed Doll And Netizens Are Mind Blown

She’s real but she looks so unreal.

When Korean netizens speak of “doll” type visuals in the K-Pop world, they immediately think of OH MY GIRL‘s YooA. Not only does YooA have a total ball-jointed-doll-like face, she also has a petite physique that seems pretty unreal too!


YooA boasts gorgeous facial features, like her large round-shaped eyes and plump red lips, but they look almost unreal when she puts on a blank expression. And it is this kind of expression that makes YooA look like a complete doll!


YooA also has a slim figure, with long and delicate arms and legs. Her out-of-this-world proportions give her that mannequin feel. Everything about her is simply too good to be true!


While she is a strong visual member in the group, YooA won’t disappoint with her talent either. She has graceful dance moves and an unforgettably unique voice too.


Netizens are claiming that YooA was born to be an idol, with her looks, her talents, and her adorable personality!


Here’s YooA’s fan cam from “SSWFL” promotions earlier this year. This dreamy “concept” was definitely right up her alley and she pulled it off like a real fairy.

Source: THEQOO