Oh My Girl’s Hyojung Tears Up After Confessing Her Loneliness To Park Bom

The tender moment between Hyojung and Park Bom will have you reaching for tissues.

On Mnet‘s Queendom, 2NE1‘s Park Bom asked Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung whether she ever had a difficult time alone and felt like no one would help her even if she reached out.

Hyojung responded, saying that she tries really hard to forget her bad memories. She also said that even when she was little, she would try to interpret things in a way that was good for her, using her imagination to turn memories into something good.

She burst into tears as she was speaking, leading to a comforting embrace from Park Bom.

In an interview with the production team, Hyojung said, “I often feel like I’m alone. I’ve always wanted people to like me since I was a child, and if they don’t then I’ll blame myself. I think I’m lonely because I had to love myself, but even I didn’t love myself.”

Park Bom, who could understand Hyojung’s feelings of loneliness, began tearing up as well and it became a sweet bonding moment for the two women.

Source: kstyle